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Pallets Collars

Our manufactured Pallets Collars can be folded and kept aside when not in use thereby saving precious space and cumbersome handling. We distribute and supply a huge spectrum of Pallets Collars in a variety of options according to clients’ needs and demands. These Pallet Collars are reasonably priced keeping in mind customers’ affordability.


  • Usage – Export or storage
  • Collars can be made of wood panels, plywood ( for export purposes ), MDF boards, PP and metal sheets
  • Hinged corners provide fold ability
  • Integrated tongue for rigid clamping on to the pallet
  • Multiple collars on a pallet provide increased height/more space
  • Collar lid provided for box closing/strapping
  • Pallet with collars can be stacked 1 2 or even 1 3 in a warehouse or inside a container

Plywood Pallets

ASPALCO is an esteemed organization engaged in manufacturing of durable and long lasting Plywood Pallets. These genuine woods made Plywood Pallets have higher demand among customers owing to their superb quality and features. We provide the product range at market competitive rates that suit to customers’ specific requirements.


  • Export Pallet
  • Made of commercial grade, water resistant plywood
  • Non toxic glue used for pressing plywood
  • Light weight (suited for air shipments), clean and hygienic
  • Exempted for inspection under ISPM 15 norms

Wooden Pallets

We, at ASPALCO are specialized in manufacturing of high quality Wooden Pallets which are distributed and supplied in various options depending upon customers’ choice. Available in many advanced features, these Wooden Pallets are provided in following types – Fumigated Wooden Pallet, Wooden Pallet for Storage, and Compressed Wood Pallet. Our company supplies the complete product range at market leading rates that suits to all kinds of buyers’ budget. Fumigated Wooden Pallet – These Fumigated Wooden Pallets are seasoned and chemically treated made up with jungle wood, rubber wood, neem wood, and babul wood.


  • Usage – Export
  • Light weight yet strong and rigid
  • Moisture content less than 18%
  • Anti fungal
  • Hand planed/machine planed for smooth surface finish
  • Chamfered edges for smooth hand pallet truck access
  • Methyl bromide fumigated, stamped and certified as per ISPM 15 norms
  • Accessibility Options – 2 way/4 way/perimeter base/reversible/dunnage

Wooden Pallet for Storage

Our Wooden Heavy duty, rigid, and strong hardwood Wooden Pallets for storage are ideally used for racking and stacking applications.


  • Hard wood with strength coefficient more than teak wood.
  • Seasoned, chemically treated wood free from knots, pin holes and wanes.
  • Counter sunk wood screws used as fasteners for long lasting applications.
  • Machine planed wood surface.
  • Designed for either conventional/high rise racking or for floor stacking applications
  • 2 way/reversible pallets for drive in racks
  • Epoxy coated pallets for water/acid resistant properties
  • End faces painted brightly for easy visibility on high rise racking
  • Load bearing – upto 4000 kilos on floor and 1500 kilos on racks/stacking

Compressed Wood Pallet

We have years of experience in manufacturing of international standard Compressed Wood Pallets which are made up with genuine material to ensure durability and long life.


  • Export pallet
  • Panels made of medium density compressed wood saw dust
  • Light weight for air shipments
  • Water resistant, clean, hygienic and food grade
  • Exempted for inspection under ISPM 15 norms

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