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ASPALCO is known as one of the most leading manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of Wooden Pallets, Plywood Pallets, Paper Pallets, Pallets Collars, and Metal Pallets.

Indian Standard Specifications for Wooden Pallets

# IS Description
1 IS 399 Classification of commercial timbers and their zonal distribution
2 IS 401 Preservation of timber – code of Practice
3 IS 9104 Guide for storage and protection of logs and sawn timber
4 IS 3971 Glossary of terms on pallets
5 IS 9340 Expendable pallets – specification
6 IS 7276 Non-expendable general purpose flat pallets for through transit of goods specification
7 IS 8006 Recommendations for handling of timber pallets
8 IS 13714 Dunnage pallets – warehousing – specification
9 IS 11982 Design rating and safe working load for general purpose pallet for through transit of goods
10 IS 1503 Specification for wooden packing cases
11 IS 13823 Guidelines for palletization – general cargo
12 IS 6865 Specification for pallets for use in ISO series 1 freight containers
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Approved by Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore

Superb Quality

We have in-house quality policy and put all possible efforts to adhere to the same so that bring customers’ a perfect product range in accordance with their preference. Following our quality program, each pallet is subjected to a strict three tier inspection – raw material, fabricating procedures/workmanship and final finishing/aesthetic appearance before dispatch. We follow stringent quality norms as laid by Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Plant Protection – Quarantine and Storage, Government of India, EPAL, AQIS and NWPCA to export consignments. In our company, toxic and banned chemicals are not used thereby ensuring safety for the pallet handler and applicator and treatment methods are also updated regularly based on research done by wood scientists.

Quality Material

# Details

Raw Material

    • Acacia Nilotica (Babul, Kikar, Jali)
    • Eucalyptus Rostrata (Nilgiri)
    • Grevillea Robusta (Silver Oak)
    • Hevea Braziliensis (Rubber Wood)
    • Ficus Bengalensis (Banyan Tree)
    • Pinus Radiata (Pine wood)

Chemical Treatment Process (Anti Borer And Termite)

    • CCB (dipping/vacuum impregnation)
    • CCA (dipping/vacuum impregnation)
    • Boric Borax (dipping/vacuum impregnation)
    • Chlorpyrifos (20% emulsified concentrate)
    • Cypermethrin (20% emulsified concentrate)

Chemical Treatment (Anti Fungal)

    • Sodium Borate
    • Sodium Pentachlorophenate
    • Copper Oxychloide

Wood Seasoning (18-22%)

    • Air Drying (Natural)
    • Kiln Drying (Forced)

Pallet Fasteners (Pneumatic Driven), – All Fasteners Counter Sunk By 2mm

    • Wire Nails
    • Helical Thread Nails
    • Annular Thread Nails
    • Wood Screws

Fumigation (For Export Consignments)

    • Methyl Bromide * ISPM 15 Compliant
    • Aluminium Phosphide (Food, Pharma)
    • Sulphuryl Fluoride

Surface Coating (For Storage Pallets)

    • Enamel Paint
    • Coal Tar Based Epoxy Paint (Anti Corrosive)
    • Polyurethane Finish

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